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About High Fortune


High Fortune (China) Group Ltd.

High Fortune (China) Group Limited (“High Fortune Group”) was founded in Hong Kong in 2009.It is a leading fish oil refining and feed protein raw materials sourcing & trading company connecting producers and consumers of feed protein ingredients through its global sourcing, importing & distributing, refining & manufacturing and supply chain network in China, South America, North America, Australia, Europe and other regions.

High Fortune positions in the agriculture and feed industry and extends to fish oil food additives and health care markets. We are based on China’s consumer market with huge potential and supports from Chinese government. We adhere to market-oriented principles meeting our customers’ needs. We focus our core business on the international sourcing of the scarce resources of feed protein and energy raw materials, refining and processing supports and the continuous exploration of market segment. After years of development, High Fortune Group has formed its own unique profit model in the supply chain management of feed raw material, such as international sourcing, importing, refining, sales marketing, etc.

The Group has a management team with more than twenty-year solid experiences in global sourcing, risk management and professional operation in the industry. We have extensive supply chain and sales & marketing network, effective internal control system of financial management, efficient logistics and distribution network and a timely customs clearance system. Over these years, we have been engaged in developing and sourcing various types of feed protein and energy raw materials worldwide; We have developed fish meal and fish oil (including Omega-3 fish oil) trading and refining; importing & selling of U.S. DDGS, rice bran and Australian barley. Furthermore, High Fortune has established strategic alliances and partnerships with major foreign producers from Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, USA, New Zealand, Australia and China’s top feed manufacturers.

High Fortune is adhering to the principle of "To focus on the development and technology innovation of global bio-marine resource, provide quality service to healthcare and animal nutrition industry” and bearing social responsibilities of public health, nutrition and diet, we have raised High Fortune’s business future and strategic development to a higher level.

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